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There are various backgrounds that can be used in your storyboards, from houses to space, and everything in between!



This category is full of common town-related scenes, like movie theaters, cafes, doctor's offices, cityscapes, and more.

Home (Indoor)

This category has scenes for inside houses, like kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Home (Outdoor)

This category has scenes that depict the outside spaces of homes, like house exteriors, neighborhoods, and back yards.


This category is full of different types of classrooms, schools, and more!


This category has athletic fields and gyms.


This category has streets, cars, trains, planes, and more.


This category has common office scenes, like desks, cubicles, meeting rooms, storage rooms, and more.

Classical Homes

This category has interior and exterior scenes for old-style houses (think 1800s)


This category has castles, old towns, ships, and scenes from ancient history.

US History

This category contains quintessential American history scenes, like ships, the Alamo, and wigwams.

Country & Rustic

This category has scenes perfect for farming, camping, boating, and more.


This category has rivers, forests, islands, icebergs, fields, and more.

Mythical & Futuristic

This category is full of fantasy castles, spooky settings, space, and far off lands.

Close Ups

This category has helpful close ups, like hands holding phones, computers, and pre-existing crowds.


This category is where you'll find fun stripes, swirls, and other patterned backgrounds.

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