One of the great features of Storyboard That is the ability to create and use templates. Templates are a great way to give users a jumping-off point. Check out the blog post on Storyboard Templates for more details.

Create a Template

Creating templates is easy! Make a storyboard that you want to use as a template and save it. From the detailed view of your storyboard, simply click on the "Convert to Template" button. The storyboard is now a template! Add the template to an Folder or send the URL to users to get them started.

If you haven’t already done so, you can add a template to any Folder at any time by updating the Folder on the template’s storyboard view page. The template will be visible to any user who has access to that Folder.

Using a Template

Click on the blue "Use this Template" button, and away you go! Templates can only be edited by the owner, which in most cases is you, the administrator. Users cannot save over a template; rather, users have the template as a starting point and complete their own version of the storyboard.


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