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Where is My Sign-Up Link?

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You can use the Sign-Up Link to add students to your classroom account!

This link is unique to your classroom account and includes a sign-up code at the end.

Your Sign-Up Link (or Sign-Up URL) is located on your Teacher Dashboard under Account Settings. You may need to scroll down to see it.

How to Add Students

There are 2 ways to add students!

To add students to your account, simply share the link with them! When students click the link they will be prompted to register for a new account.

2. Enter the Code

The sign-up link includes a code at the end that students can enter to join your classroom account!

The code is the last 6 letters at the end of the signup link.

Students will go to: and enter the code to join your account. After clicking Submit, students will register for a new student account!

Note: If you used Google Classroom or Clever to roster your classes and students, you do not need to use the sign-up link. Students can log into their accounts with the corresponding SSO (Single Sign On) option.

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