Accessibility Improvements for Chrome

Storyboard That is a visual product, but its existence as a web program makes it super easy for users to tailor their experience through the use of Chrome extensions. Accessibility shouldn't get in the way of improving communication and comprehension.

Our Storyboard That team has researched and tested several extensions to improve user experience. The following suggestions are based on what works with the website and Storyboard Creator. 

Dalton for Google Chrome - Changes the colors of the site

This extension is great for colorblind users and allows the intensity and filter to be customized based on their needs. It carries over to other sites unless turned off.

Selection Reader to Text - For reading on-page text

This extension is helpful for users with learning disabilities or who are learning a new language. By highlighting the text on the page, users will be able to have assignment instructions and any other site content, like articles and lesson plans, read to them.


OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome - Changes the font on a website to a dyslexia-friendly font

Storyboard That already has OpenDyslexic as a font available when creating storyboards, but this extension will override the font on any site to weigh down letters and keep them from moving.


For further information on each extension, check out our full article on Chrome Extensions for Accessibility on Storyboard That. There are also suggestions for extensions to help language comprehension and vocabulary and grammar.


If you would like to suggest an extension you use for us to test, feel free to email us at with your suggestion!

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