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Google Single Sign-On (SSO) after 10/23/23

Logging in with Google Single Sign-On (SSO): IMPORTANT: Admins must mark Storyboard That as a trusted app in Google by October 23, 2023, or students, teachers, and administrators may lose access to S…
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Get a Premium Account for 1 month for $1.00!

Teachers! Don't miss out on our biggest monthly promotion ever! Get the Premium version of Storyboard That Education Edition for 1 month for only $1! Purchase Now! Your Questions Answered: Is this a…
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Can I Make a Book?

Yes! With Storyboard That's newest layout, Book Maker, you can turn your storyboards into page-turning books! See more information here: Storyboard That's Book Maker Click Layout on the Storyboard Cr…
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How do I access Save or Revision History of a Storyboard?

How do I access Save History of a Storyboard? Did you make a mistake on your storyboard and you would like to go back to a previous version? Never fear!. You can access your revision or save history…
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