What are the Software Requirements?

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Storyboard That is a web-based software application and does not have the traditional software requirements of traditional packaged software.

Storyboard That runs best on a “computer-like” device with a dedicated keyboard and screen. This includes

  • Laptops / Surfaces
  • Chrome Books
  • PC Desktops
  • Macs

Storyboard That will run OK on a tablet like an iPad, but due to its large screen nature, if a keyboard can be added, the experience will greatly be improved. We do not recommend running Storyboard That on a phone or iPod for creating storyboards, but they are great devices for viewing created storyboards.

Storyboard That does not use Flash, Silverlight, Java, Active-X or any other plugin, but does require a good internet connection. When saving a storyboard, we typically upload 1-2 MB of data.

Our software licensing can be viewed on our pricing page.

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