What are the Software Requirements?

Storyboard That is a web-based software application and does not have the traditional software requirements of traditional packaged software.

Storyboard That supports the current and previous two releases of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Go to https://www.storyboardthat.com/purple to view your browser information. It will show you all URLs to add to your firewall allowlist.

Storyboard That does not use Flash, Silverlight, Java, Active-X or any other plugin, but does require a good internet connection. When saving a storyboard, we typically upload 1-2 MB of data.


Storyboard That runs best on a “computer-like” device with a dedicated keyboard and screen. This includes

  • Laptops
  • Microsoft Surfaces
  • Chromebooks
  • PC Desktops
  • Macs


Storyboard That will run OK on a tablet like an iPad, but due to its large screen nature, if a keyboard can be added, the experience will be greatly improved.

Storyboard That recommends using Safari as the browser for the iPad.

We do not recommend running Storyboard That on a phone or iPod for creating storyboards, but they are great devices for viewing created storyboards.


Storyboard That supports the current and previous two versions of Chrome. Older Chromebooks that have stopped updating due to Google's Auto Update Expiration may have trouble using Storyboard That. Check your AUE date of your Chromebook.

Our software licensing can be viewed on our pricing page. Check your device's compatibility using our Diagnostic Page.

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