How do I add items to characters?

There are lots of options for items and accessories to add to characters to enhance your storyboard!

Use the search bar to type in a keyword of what you're looking for (we have items like food, books, bags, hats, dog leashes, and more!). The search bar can be found in the upper right, at the end of the categories.

To find accessibility aids, like canes, hearing aids, wheelchairs, guide dogs, masks and glasses, scroll to the end of the Adults, Teens, and Kids character categories.

How to Add Items to Characters

  1. Drag down the character(s) you'll be using in your storyboard.
  2. Locate the items you wish to add. You can use the search bar or check out the end of character categories. Drag them onto the storyboard.
  1. Adjust the placement and size of the item so it is positioned on or beside the character. Many have options for different views, so you can use them on characters facing to the side and the front.

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