Storyboard Creator

Storyboard Layouts

Learn more about all the layouts available on Storyboard That and how to add titles, descriptions, and more!


Answer all your questions about scenes on Storyboard That, from changing colors to weather, and more.


Learn about all of the things you can do with characters on Storyboard That, from posing to adding items and mobility aids!

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Learn all about textables and how to change font size, color, accents, and more!

Edit Images

Learn about all the ways to edit images in your storyboard, from cropping and color changing, to layers and more!

Add Images

Learn how to add images to your storyboard, including actual photographs!

Settings and Support

Get tips and help on Settings in the Storyboard Creator on Storyboard That.

Record Audio in the Storyboard Creator!

Record Audio Cell-By-Cell in the Storyboard Creator! You can add audio to your creations right in the Storyboard Creator ! After you create your scene, you can record yourself speaking the dialogue,…
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Save a Storyboard

The Storyboard Creator automatically saves your storyboards! Learn more about how to save your creations.


Edit a Storyboard

If you're not finished with your storyboard and need to come back, you can edit later!


How do I combine storyboards?

At this time, we do not support combining storyboards, but we have some suggestions to help!


How do I Split a Storyboard?

Though you cannot split a storyboard into smaller pieces, you can make a copy and rearrange cells to split it!


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