How do I add a class?

There are two ways to add a class to your account. If you have Google Classroom, you can roster your classes. If you don't, you can manually add a class!

If your school uses Clever, your classes and students were automatically synced when you logged in with Clever, so you don't have to do anything. If you believe there's an issue, reach out to

Check out the video below about adding students to your account!

Manually Adding Classes

  1. Click "Set Up Classes and Invite Students"
  1. Use the right column to type in a class name and click "Create Class"
  1. If you need to add more than one class, you can do so on the next page:

When you're all set, click "Okay, next step!"

  1. Select how students will be logging in

If you select "User Name and Password", you have the option to add students manually in another step.

  1. Choose how you will be sharing invite information with students.

The most popular option is to copy the special sign-up link to share with your students. Share it somewhere students can easily access, like a shared doc. The link will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it anywhere you like using "Ctrl + V" on a PC or "Command + V" on a Mac.

There are 3 other sign-up options.

  • You can manually add students to your account.
  • You can receive the sign-up link via email to then forward to your students using "Email Sign-Up Instructions".
  • You can click "Download Sign-Up PDF" to get printable instructions to share with students.

Import Google Classroom Roster

  1. Click Set Up Classes and Invite Students
  1. Click Import Your Classes

  1. Log Into Google

Use the email and password for your Google Classroom.

You may or may not be asked to choose which Google Account you want to use. Be sure to select the Google Classroom account.

  1. Authorize Storyboard That to get your Google Classroom roster(s).
  2. Choose which Classes to Import

Check off the classes you want to import. After you have selected the ones you want, click Import Class(es).

Once your classes have been imported, students can log in with Google.

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