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Can more than one student work on the same storyboard at once?

How does it work?


First, the teacher creates an activity or copies one of the many pre-made activities from Storyboard That’s teacher resources. Next, In the “Edit Assignment” tab, click the check box next to "Allow students to collaborate on this assignment."

Teachers! Watch the video below to learn more!


When students open the assignment and click on “Start Assignment”, they will be taken to the storyboard creator and prompted to give their storyboard a name. Once they do this and click continue, they will be able to begin working. In the lower corner of the right hand menu, students will see a button that says, “Collaborate”.

Students will click this button and a list of their classmates will appear.

Students will click on the names of their classmates with whom they wish to collaborate, and then click "Let's Go".

Now, the students who have been given access are able to see their classmates’ storyboard when they log in. All they have to do is click on the “Continue this Assignment” button, and they will be directed to the creator to begin working. As they are working, they will be able to see their classmates’ changes in real time!

Students! Watch this video below to learn more!

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