Education Edition


Learn about the different security settings for Education accounts on Storyboard That, like student data and privacy.

Free Trial for Teachers

What do you get with a free teacher trial on Storyboard That? What happens when it ends?

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Teacher Dashboard

Learn all the features of the Teacher Dashboard and maximize your time on Storyboard That!

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Students & Classes

Find articles to help with setting up classes and students on Storyboard That's Education Edition

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What are assignments on Storyboard That and how can you use them? Check out these help articles!

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Admin Dashboard

Learn how to navigate your admin dashboard on Storyboard That, from set up to account creation!

How do I use Storyboard That in Canvas?

How do I integrate Canvas assignments with Storyboard That?.. Canvas Integration. Our integration with Canvas has multiple features to help make your life easier! Getting Started. FIRST STEP: Click h…
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Where can I find your privacy policies?

Storyboard That has two privacy policies, one of which is specifically for educational accounts. Find links to view each policy here.

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My School has an Account

If your school just signed up for an account, we can help make sure you're connected to their subscription.

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My Students Signed Up for a Free Account

If students accidentally signed up for a free account, there are easy ways to remedy that and help them join your subscription.

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