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My Student Can't See My Assignment

If your students don't see your assignment on their student dashboard, that means something is not set up correctly. Let's fix it!

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PROBLEM: Student Not in Class

Students need to be in the classes(es) that the assignment has been given to.

Scenario: The students is not in the class that the assignment was given to, but the student is part of your account and is listed on the "Manage Students" page on Teacher Dashboard. Student needs to be added to the class with the assignment.

Solution: Update Student's Classes

  1. Click Manage Students from dashboard.
  1. Click Settings on the row for student.
  1. Click Add next to the correct class.
  1. Once the student is a member of the right class, that student will have access to the assignment.

(Student may need to refresh the browser window to see the change.)


PROBLEM: Student unable to see Student Dashboard

Students need to have a student account that is part of your classroom account in order to see the Student Dashboard and have access to assignments.

Scenario: A student has a basic free account, and did not create the appropriate student account. Student needs to be invited to classroom account.

Solution: Invite Student to your class

  1. Click Manage Classes from the dashboard.
  1. Click Invite Students of the class the student should be part of and follow the prompts.
  2. Give the student(s) the link to join your class.
  3. Student clicks the link (logs in if necessary) and will be able to your class.


PROBLEM: All Students in Class Cannot See Assignment

Scenario: All students are in the correct class, but none of the students can see the assignment.

Solution: Show Assignment to Students

Teachers can hide assignments if they don't want students to see them yet. Teachers must also choose to show the assignment when they are ready!

  1. Go to My Assignments

If an assignment is hidden, the assignment tile will be shaded and say "Hidden from Students".

  1. Click Show Assignment

Alternatively, click Show This Assignment from the Edit Assignment tab.

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