My Students Signed Up for a Free Account

Student have a free account

Problem: Students Not Using Educational Edition

Symptom: My students are being asked to sign up for a free trial or purchase.

Symptom: My students cannot save without purchasing.

Symptom: My students can't see my assignment.


  1. Go to Manage Classes
  2. Click on the blue Invite Students button next to the correct class.
  1. Select the Log-In Method

How will this student log in? Click whichever button fits the log-in method the student uses

  1. Get Sign-Up Link
  1. Send Link to Student

Either copy and paste the link, or email it!

  1. Once the student clicks the link and signs into Storyboard That, they will be directed to the student dashboard!


Need Help Setting Up Your Account?

Schedule a time that works for you and Dan or Kendra will help you over a private phone call or screen-share.

As always, contact for any help with Storyboard That!


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