How Do Students Submit Assignments?

I'm a Student

If you have a student account, your teacher has access to your storyboards. You just need to save your work!

Submitting to assignments that have a template:

Submitting to assignments that have a template and example:


If you are using the free individual version (not recommended), you can share the storyboard in several ways:

  • Download an image and email the file to your teacher
  • Download an image and upload the file to a shared drive
  • Copy and paste the URL from your browser and give to your teacher via email, chat, or other means.
    • (The URL is in the address bar. It will look like this:


I'm a Teacher Using Assignments

The best was to view student work is by creating assignments from the teacher dashboard. When students log into their accounts, all current assignments are front and center on their dashboards. Storyboards are saved to the assignment like a folder.

Students do not need to do anything to submit their work for an assignment. All they need to do is save their storyboards, and it will be viewable from the teacher's account.

If a student can't see the assignment, check the following:

  1. Student has a STUDENT account (not the free individual version)
  2. Student account is grouped into a class
  3. Assignment is assigned to that class

Storyboards can be added to/removed from assignments at any time.


I'm a Teacher Not Using Assignments

Teachers have access to all storyboards created in their student accounts. You can look at the storyboards of each student from the My Students page. 


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