Edit Image Functions

The editing palette is quite powerful! Let's take a quick look at what each button does.  


Flip or rotate the selected image.

Example: Flip Horizontally

Example: Rotate 90° Left (Counterclockwise)


Change the layer that the selected image is in. 

Example: Send to Back


There are several critical features in this row of the editing palette.


Make a duplicate of the selected item(s). All customizations, such as color, pose, crop etc., stay intact!


Stretch to Fill

Stretch the image in order to fill the entire cell. Choose how you would like the image to fill the storyboard cell by selecting the different Stretch to Fill options. A preview will display on the right. Click Let's Go when finished.

Stretch to Fill is best used with cropped scenes.


Move the bounding box handles (the blue and gray circles). Press Crop Image to keep everything inside the red selection box and crop everything outside the selection box .


Click on the big red X to delete selected image(s). 


Change the way selected objects look by applying a filter.

Example: Canvas Bumps


Click on the lock icon to "lock" an image into place. When an image is locked, you cannot move the image until it is unlocked again.

Example: Character is locked in place. (Lock icon changes!)

Edit Pose

Change the pose of the character by selecting from the available options.


Use the default color palette, or customize the color completely! You can also add in both RGB and HEX codes.

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