Teacher Dashboard

How do I Make a Worksheet?

Learn how to create a worksheet on Storyboard That, from starting with a template to starting from scratch.

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Account Associated with Multiple Schools

Our systems believe you are working in two or more schools. If you believe this is incorrect, email us at support@storyboardthat.com. Why did this happen? Sometimes teachers use Storyboard That on th…

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Co-teachers can view student work for any assignments in the classroom.

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What is the Teacher Dashboard?

The Teacher Dashboard is the control hub for using Storyboard That and manage students, classes, assignments, and more.

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What Rostering Options Are There?

Storyboard That supports automatic rostering with Google Classroom and Clever, and supports API integration with ClassLink, Canva , and Schoology.

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How Do I Reset My Account?

You can reset your account for the school year by cleaning out students, classes, and assignments.

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