Teacher Dashboard

What Automatic Rostering Options Are There?

Storyboard That supports automatic rostering with Google Classroom and Clever, and supports API integration with ClassLink, Canva , and Schoology.


How do I Make a Worksheet?

Learn how to create a worksheet on Storyboard That, from starting with a template to starting from scratch.


Account Associated with Multiple Schools

Our systems believe you are working in two or more schools. If you believe this is incorrect, email us at support@storyboardthat.com. Why did this happen? Sometimes teachers use Storyboard That on th…



Co-teachers can view student work for any assignments in the classroom.


What is the Teacher Dashboard?

The Teacher Dashboard is the control hub for using Storyboard That and manage students, classes, assignments, and more.


How Do I Reset My Account?

You can reset your account for the school year by cleaning out students, classes, and assignments.


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