How Do I Reset My Account?

The Teacher Dashboard has an option under Account Settings: Clean Up My Account. You will be able to choose what information you want to keep, and what information you want to delete. 

This feature is most useful at the start or end of a school term.

Clean Up My Account

  1. Step 1: Click Clean Up My Account

Under Account Settings on your dashboard, click the Clean Up My Account link.

  1. Step 2: Decide What to Delete

If you want to delete large amounts of data, select from the two options at the top. (Reset My Account or Delete Students and Their Work)

If you want to pick what information to delete individually, select the button on the bottom to take you to the appropriate page.


  1. Step 3: Confirm Deletion

Before deleting your information, we want to make sure you do want to delete. So, in order to prevent accidental deletion, you will be prompted to type in your user name to indicate you really mean it.


Deleted information cannot be recovered!





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