Add a Template to an Assignment

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Check out this video on creating and adding templates, or use the instructions below!
  1. Make a Storyboard!

Create or copy a storyboard you want to use as a template. You have to have the storyboard in your saved storyboards first.

  1. Add to Assignment!

Add the storyboard as a template when you first create the assignment, or at a later time.

Option 1 - Create a New Assignment

  1. Click Create Assignment from your dashboard.
  1. Add a title to your assignment.
  2. Add instructions to your assignment.
  3. Select a template from your available storyboards. (This step is optional, but helpful!)
  1. Select which classes you want to receive the assignment.
  2. Finish creating assignment.
  3. Students will see the assignment now on their dashboards and will start the assignment from your template!

Option 2 - Add Template Later

  1. Edit an assignment that you have already created.
  2. Click Add Template from Your Storyboards

  1. Click Select as Template under the storyboard you want to use as a template.
  1. Students can start the assignment from your template! You can also add more than one template to an assignment.


You can add or remove templates from an assignment at any time.

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