What is a Template?


For assignments, a template is a partially complete storyboard for students to start from. Templates reduce student creation time and are essential for differentiation.

Teachers can decide what and how much information to provide in a template for a student to complete.


In order to use a template with an assignment, you must have the template storyboard saved in your account.

Check Out Existing Templates

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Worksheet Templates

Poster Templates

What are Examples in Assignments?

Examples are view-only storyboards that teachers can choose to include with an assignment. Examples, like templates, are optional. Also like templates, the teacher must have the storyboard saved in their account in order to use it as an example with an assignment.

Teachers also have the option of letting the students see the example, or hiding it from students. Teachers may want to use the example as an "answer key" and hide it from students, or use the example as an exemplar for students to see.

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