What are Assignments?

If you haven't been using assignments, you have been missing out on an awesome feature!

Assignments are tasks that teachers give to students on Storyboard That. All student work for that task is kept with the assignment like a folder.

Parts of Assignments

Instructions - Required

Let your students know what you want them to do! Suggested information includes objectives, requirements, and due date, but you can include any information in this text box


Template - Optional

Select a storyboard for students to start from. You can add multiple templates for student choice or differentiation.

Example - Optional

Select a storyboard to show as a finished example for students to see.

Or, keep a finished storyboard for yourself as an answer key. You get to decide whether or not to allow students to see the example.

Rubric - Optional

Add a Quick Rubric URL to show criteria for grading/expectations.


Student View of Assignment

(Example assignment has instructions and a template, but no teacher example or rubric)


Quick Tour Video

Check out this quick video on how to get started creating assignments:


If you have any questions, send an email to support@storyboardthat.com

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