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How do I integrate Canvas assignments with Storyboard That?

Canvas Integration

Our integration with Canvas has multiple features to help make your life easier!

Getting Started

FIRST STEP: Click here to see how to Add Storyboard That as an external App in Canvas!

You must do this in order to utilize assignment integration with Canvas.

PLEASE NOTE: Any existing tool needs to be deleted and then updated first before Assignment Integration can be accessed.

Quick Login

Once the app is installed, students and teachers will see the Quick Login tool in the left hand menu. Click it to log in to your Storyboard That account!

Creating and Grading Assignments (New!)

Never leave Canvas if you don't want to!

  1. When you create a new assignment, select External Tool as the submission type and click the Find button.

Submission Type:

  1. Select Storyboard That in the “Configure External Tool” popup
  1. Click Create a New Assignment to enter details for a new assignment, or scroll down to select an assignment that you’ve already created in Storyboard That. Click the Add button for the new or existing assignment when you’re done.
  2. You will be returned to the Configure External Tool window, and now the URL should be populated - make sure to click Select!
  3. Save and Publish your assignment. You and your students will see a basic view of the assignment, and students will be able to click a button to start working on it in Storyboard That!

Teacher View:

Student View:

Student View After Work:

  1. Once the student clicks Submit Storyboard, you will be able to review and grade their submission in Speedgrader. Speedgrader shows you an image of the storyboard (like the student view) as well as Slideshow Mode to go through each slide individually.

Slideshow mode:

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