How to Add Storyboard That as an App in Schoology

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How to add Storyboard That as an app in Schoology

  1. From the Schoology app center, search for Storyboard That. Make sure you're installing the LTI 1.3 version of the app -- if you have an older version of Storyboard That installed, uninstall it!
  2. Select "install LTI 1.3 app", and agree to the terms.
  3. If you are adding Storyboard That for multiple teachers, select "add to organization." If you are adding it just for your own use, select "install for me."
  4. In the Organization Apps page, click Install/Remove to make sure it's installed for everyone you want to have access to the app
  1. Once installed, from the Organization Apps section, select "configure" and copy the deployment ID.
  2. On your Storyboard That dashboard, select settings in the top right corner
  3. Select "Connect to my LMS"
  4. Select Schoology, then enter the deployment ID in the field. Hit submit.
  5. The Storyboard That app is now installed in Schoology.

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