What is a "StoryboardThat Playground" Account?

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The StoryboardThat Playground is a special school for students that we don't recognize in our system.

Within the Playground, students can create storyboards, and the account administrator can monitor their work the same as any other school in their account.

How do students end up in the Playground?

If a student hasn't yet been rostered, and the student clicks on the StoryboardThat application within their Schoology or Canvas account, they'll come straight to our StoryboardThat application through LTI, and instead of blocking the student, we place them in the Playground.

What happens if the student is later rostered into one of the account's schools?

They'll be added to the school but also remain in the playground. As far as the student is concerned, everything will work just fine as they'll be able to see their assignments and continue working on their storyboards.

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