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An Admin must first set up Storyboard That in D2L - Brightspace before you can create assignments.

Creating an Assignment

Once the admin creates a Deep Linking Quicklink, teachers can use it to create assignments.

  1. As a teacher, select your course, then select Class Resources and
    1. Select Assignments from the popup window

  1. Click New Assignment

  1. Fill in Assignment Title, Grade Out Of, and Due Date, then click on the ‘Attach Link to Existing Activity’ icon in the icons below the Instructions. (The red circled icon shown below with the lightning bolt)

  1. An Insert Quicklink popup will appear. Scroll down to Third Party, and select the Storyboard That link that your admin created:

  1. Create a Storyboard That assignment!
    Explore our Free Lesson Plans or create an assignment from scratch by clicking the "Create a New Assignment" button.

Note: If you have copied Storyboard That activities to your account, click the "Relaunch This Window" link on the page. Then, any assignments you have copied will be shown.
  1. To view or make changes to your assignment, you must click on the drop down box next to the assignment name and select Edit Assignment:

  1. You will be brought back to this screen, where clicking on View Student Work will launch into StoryboardThat:

Please Note: Assignments must be made visible before students can see them:

Student launching assignment

The student will see the assignment in a number of places:

Calendar on their main page:

Work To Do on Main Page:

Under Assignments for the course:

When Work on Assignment is clicked, it will bring the student to the StoryboardThat assignment page:

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D2L - Brightspace - Setting Up Storyboard That

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