Move Cells

When creating your storyboard, there are often times when you want to rearrange the order of the cells.

How to Move Cells

Imagine you had the storyboard below.

moving cells in storyboard software - before you have moved any cells

While in edit mode, you can move cells around the storyboard.

  1. Click Move Cells

The Move Cells button is on the bar below the storyboard.

You will see a large blue bar at the bottom of the screen, as in the example below.

how to move cells in storyboard software - Step 2


  1. Rearrange

Click on a cell to move, then click on its new destination. When you are finished moving, click Done.

how to move cells in storyboard software - Step 3

Your storyboard is now in a new order!

After rearranging your storyboard example with software

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