How do I Split a Storyboard?

We do not support the feature of splitting a storyboard into smaller pieces. However, you can make a copy of your original storyboard and then delete out some of the cells.

  1. Make a copy of the storyboard you want to split.

  1. Click Move Cells at the bottom of the Storyboard Creator.

  1. Drag the cells so the ones you want to keep are closest to the top left. When finished, click Let's Go!

  1. Delete the unwanted cells by clicking on Add / Delete Cells.

  1. Adjust the Columns and Rows until you have the configuration you want. The preview on the right will update automatically. When you're finished, click Let's Go!
  1. Click Save & Exit.

  1. If necessary, repeat with original.

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How do I combine storyboards?

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