Copy Entire Cells

Need to copy whole cells? We got you covered! This feature is perfect for when you want to use the same characters, scenes, and items, and don't want to individually copy items or find everything in the menus again.

How to Copy Cells

  1. Click the Copy Cells button. It is in the bottom menu:

Your storyboard cells will be highlighted in blue, and you'll see a dialogue box beside or below the storyboard.

Screenshot of Copy Cell Function

  1. Select the cell you want to copy and drag it to the cell you want the copy to be in. The contents of the cell will be duplicated into the new cell. When you are finished, click Let's Go.
Screenshot of Copy Cells Function Step 2


  1. Update! All customizations, such as color and pose, will remain the same, but you can make adjustments to the new cell as needed.

Note: Copying a cell will also copy the content in the titles and descriptions. It will replace all content in the cell you are copying to. If you're looking to rearrange the order of cells instead, check out our article on moving cells 

Check out this video on copying cells!

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