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With Storyboard That's newest layout, Book Maker, you can turn your storyboards into page-turning books!

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 Click Layout on the Storyboard Creator menu and select the Book Layout. Change the number of pages to the length of your book, and keep in mind the front cover and back cover are included in this number. Don't worry, you can change the number of pages whenever you want!

Once you have selected book layout, start creating! You will notice that the pages look like a book on the left hand side panel in single cell mode.

When you are finished making your book, you can view your book online by clicking "view book" and it will display your book with page-turning animation!

Like all of our storyboard layouts, you also have the option to print out pages and assemble them like a real book. You can even publish your stories as hard-cover books on Shutterfly or a similar product. Students will love to see the physical versions of their book to read again and again!

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