How do I access Save or Revision History of a Storyboard? Updated by

How do I access Save History of a Storyboard?

Did you make a mistake on your storyboard and you would like to go back to a previous version? Never fear!
You can access your revision or save history of any storyboard with just a few clicks!

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "view details" of your storyboard, or, if you are in the Creator, click "Save and Exit" and you will see this view of your storyboard below.
    Click the orange "View All Options" button.

  1. Under View All Options you will see a button called "View Save History". Click it!

  1. Now you can see all of the previous versions of your storyboard!

  1. You may click on any of your previous versions to either Edit from this Revision or Copy from this Revision. Simply click the edit button to restore a previous version and continue creating from there!

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