Can I Publish a Storyboard?

Yes! Please share your storyboards on social media or post on your website or blog!  

Storyboards automatically have the correct citation when you download for social media, post directly to social media, or share a URL! 


Storyboard That owns the rights to all the raw imagery, but the entire storyboard composition* becomes your intellectual property. 


If you plan on selling something that includes a storyboard you made, you must have a premium account.

Internal Use

Use your storyboards as much as you want internally within your company with a business account or within your school with an education account. This includes presentations and printed resources.



You can publish your storyboard in a publication, print or internet, with a premium account. Proper attribution should say “This image was created using” or "Create your own at Storyboard That.


*A storyboard composition is a combination of at least three image assets. 

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