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Record Audio Cell-By-Cell in the Storyboard Creator!

You can add audio to your creations right in the Storyboard Creator!

After you create your scene, you can record yourself speaking the dialogue, the text or even just adding an extra level of explanation about your creation!

You can record up to 60 seconds for each cell. After you save and exit, click on "Slideshow Mode" to play your audio alongside your scenes!

Warning: Do not record copyrighted materials (background music, movie or tv clips, etc.)

  1. Create your scene, add as much text and dialogue as you like! Make sure you are in "Single Cell Mode" to view the record button next to each cell as shown below:
  1. When you click the microphone, a modal will appear with instructions to Start Recording. Click the record button to begin!
  2. Record up to 60 seconds of audio per cell. When you are done, click "Stop Recording"
  3. After your audio file uploads, you may keep it, record again over the previous file or delete the recording entirely.
  4. A green play button next the cell will indicate that an audio file has been recorded for that scene.
  5. Click "Save and Exit" and you will see your after creating options. Click on "View All Options" and "Slideshow Mode" to put your storyboard into slideshow mode and play the recorded files along side each scene!
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