How do I roster with ClassLink?

Your ClassLink Admin has to initiate ClassLink integration with Storyboard That for your school or district. They will do this from their ClassLink Roster Server. Storyboard That will receive a notification that integration has been initiated and will finish your setup.

If you have questions, you can reach out to and we'll respond the same day!

ClassLink allows for 24-hour data sharing which automatically imports all classes and students into your account.

  1. Log into your ClassLink account
  2. From ClassLink Dashboard, select the course
  3. Click on "Storyboard That"
  4. Arrive on Teacher Dashboard
  5. Your classes and students have been automatically added
  6. Click "Manage Students" to view your students. Click "Manage Classes" to view the classes in your account

Step 3: How Do Students Log In?

Students will log into Storyboard That from their ClassLink Launchpad.

Next Steps

Your classes and students have been added so you can start creating assignments!

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