My Student has a Free Account. How can I change them to a student?

Student have a free account? There are three easy ways to solve this!


Option 1 - Roster with Google Classroom

If you use Google Classroom, you can import entire class lists! 

  1. Click on the blue Set Up Classes and Students button from the Dashboard
  1. Click on Google Classroom and follow prompts

Accounts with matching Google credentials will be transferred automatically!


The options below presume you have already created at least one class. If you have not created any classes yet, please see Add Students to my Account



  1. Click on Manage Classes under My Students & Classes, or use the top navigation bar of the teacher dashboard.
  1. Click on the blue Invite Students button next to the correct class.
  1. Select the Log-In Method for this student or students
  1. Get Sign-Up Link
  1. Send Link to Student

Either copy and paste the link, or email it!

Once the student clicks the link and signs into Storyboard That, they will be in that class!


Option 3 - Student Joins Your Account with a Code

  1. Student goes to while logged in. 
  1. Student enters in the information. The teacher user name, the teacher's access key, and student name (for display purposes).

The access key is available on the teacher dashboard under the six main icons.

  1. Student clicks the blue Join button.
  1. Student will be redirected to the student dashboard!

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