How do I Add Students to My Account?

The process changes based on whether you can roster or on sign-in method. Our wizard will bring you through the process, but please see our Help PDFs for additional guidance!


As always, contact if you need any assistance!


I am not using Clever or Google Classroom to Roster

To get started, click the blue Set Up Classes and Invite Students button from the teacher dashboard.

  1. Since you are not using Google Classroom to roster, type in the name of a class. Then click Create Class.

You can add multiple classes here if you want. Click Okay, Next Step! when you are done adding classes.

  1. Select Sign-In Option

If students would be signing in using Google or Microsoft, click the appropriate button. If not, click User Name and Password. 

  1. Invite Students with a Link

Copy and paste a special sign-up link


Have the link emailed to you and you can forward that to students (see videos below)

(If you prefer, you can also have a PDF emailed to you with printed instructions using an access key and class password)

  1. Students Click Link

Once students click the join link, they will be prompted to register (or log in if they already have an account). The students will be in the correct class in your teacher account.

Example Process for Student

Teacher forwards email from Storyboard That - Google Single Sign-On

Teacher forwards email from Storyboard That - User Names

Help PDFs for Adding Students

Import/Sync Entire Classes

Method (No Rostering)

If you have any trouble, please contact


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