What Account Type Do I Choose?

How are you going to use Storyboard That?

There are different options based on your needs. See the pricing page for details.

For Fun

Casual Use

The free individual account is intended for those who make a comic or visual every once in a while or want to try out Storyboard That before purchasing.

Users with the free account can make two storyboards per week in the classic storyboard layout with three cells. Art and Layouts are limited and downloads include watermarks.

The free version may be sufficient for what you need, but you would not have access to the premium features


Extensive Use

If you want to make more than two storyboards per week, you need the premium individual edition. In addition to unlimited storyboards, the premium features also include the entire art library, all advanced layouts, privacy options, storyboards with up to 100 cells, more printing options, and no watermarks. 


For School

Storyboard That is an excellent tool for the classroom, both for students to create amazing projects, and for teachers to create fun lessons and activities for their students.


Use With Just My Students

A single teacher license cost is based on the number of students.

Use With Other Teachers in My School

A multi-teacher license cost is based on the number of teachers and can have unlimited students.

Use on My Own

The most affordable option is our single teacher pricing for up to 10 students. However, if you do not want the features of the education edition, consider the individual edition.


Education Administrator

For schools and districts, the cost depends on the number of teachers or the number of students, whichever cost is lower. Email us at orders@storyboardthat.com with the number of students and teachers that would be using Storyboard That for a price quote!

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Homeschool Parent

The best and most affordable option is our single teacher pricing for up to 10 students. This allows you and your student(s) to access Storyboard That with your own logins and all the benefits of the educational subscription. It is also cheaper than an individual subscription.


For Work

Storyboards made for a professional setting require the Business Edition.

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