Account Types: Education Edition

The Education Edition is intended for classroom teachers. There are options for single teachers and entire districts. The primary feature of the Education Edition is the ability to have student accounts, class groups, and assignments.


Education Edition Pricing

The cost of a subscription for the Education Edition depends on the number of teachers and students.  


Single Teacher Pricing

(1 Teacher)

Max Students

Pay Monthly

Pay Annually




















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School/District Pricing

Cost is based on the number of students and teachers who need access to Storyboard That. If paying by number of students, the cost is $3.49 per student per year. If paying by number of teachers, the cost is $149.99 per teacher per year. You pay the lesser of the two amounts. 


Example Pricing Breakdown

Smith School wants 5 teachers and 300 students to use Storyboard That.

  • Price per teacher comes out to $749.95.
  • Price per student comes out to $1,047.00.

Smith School would pay $749.95 for the year because the cost of paying by teacher is less than the cost of paying by student.

Minimum 100 students and 2 teachers for school/district pricing.


Get a Quote

For all questions regarding purchasing for a school or district, please email We can also provide you with a custom quote if you do not want to purchase for a full calendar year.

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