How do I add a teacher who already has an account?

With paid multi-teacher accounts, you can share Storyboard That with colleagues!

If the teacher already have an account with us and you're having trouble adding them, please reach out to with the email address on your account and your colleague's email address. We'll take care of adding them!

To get started, click "Set Up My Teachers" from your Dashboard.

  1. Click I Want to Add Teachers Manually

  1. Click Invite Teachers with Link
  1. Select a log-in method. If you want teachers to choose how they will log in, click on User Names and Passwords.
  1. A special link for your teachers will be generated. Click Copy Link to get the link on your clipboard.
  1. Paste the link in a secure location for your teachers to access. This link is NOT for students.

You also have the option of forwarding an email to all of your teachers.

Check out this video on how to invite teachers with a link:

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