What are the Download Options?

Watch a short video on the different download options!

For the most flexibility in exporting your storyboard, you can download files in a variety of formats!

Download Image Pack

  • Export a collection of high resolution images of individual cells (.zip file)


Download High-Resolution Image

  • Export a single high resolution image of your entire storyboard (.png file)


Download for Social Media

  • Download an image optimized for social media (.png file)


Download a GIF

  • Combine the storyboard cells into an animated GIF (.gif file)


Download a Slideshow

  • Each cell will be on its own slide
  • The storyboard title will be on the main title slide
  • Text in title boxes, if any, will be slide titles
  • Text in description boxes, if any, will be opposite the cell contents
  • .ppt file, but compatible with Keynote and Google Slides
Please note you must wait about 5 minutes after saving your storyboard to download it as a .ppt file in order for the text of the storyboard to have time to render.


Download a PDF

  • Download a PDF document (.pdf file)

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