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How Do I Print My Storyboard?

Note: You cannot print your storyboard from the creation mode. Save and exit, then you can print. 

The ability to print without watermarks is a premium feature. Additionally, a premium subscription allows access to some print options featured below. For information on printing all your student's storyboards at once, see our help article on printing all storyboards in an assignment. 

Printing Step 1: Press the Print Button

The Print button is usually under the storyboard or in an "Options" menu. 

Finding the Print Button: Individual Edition (Free and Premium)

  1. Go to My Storyboards and click the Print button under the desired storyboard.

Finding the Print Button: Education and Business Editions

  1. Click on My Storyboards in the top navigation bar.
  1. Click View Details under the storyboard you want to print.
  1. Click the Print button.

Printing Step 2: Choose Print Format

Clicking on the "Print" button will open a window where you can select which format you would like your storyboard to be printed in.

  1. Option 1: Print entire storyboard on one page

Select from the two options on the top.

You can choose between just the storyboard and the storyboard with the description and text. The storyboard will shrink down to fit the width of the page (you can change the page from portrait to landscape in step 3).

  1. Option 2: Print custom number of cells per page

To print only a few cells on each page, select from the options on the bottom. *This is a premium option.

  • Click on the number of cells you want to print per page.
  • Click on the thumbnail image of what you want the page to look like. Sometimes you can add lines.

Printing Step 3: Follow Your Printer Instructions

Make any additional changes using your printer settings and then click Print. Then, go grab your freshly printed storyboard and hang it up on the fridge!

Watch a quick video on how to print your storyboard:
Drift Video: How to Print Your Storyboard

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