Premium vs. Free Account

Premium accounts include access to:

  • Unlimited Storyboards!
    • The free version allows two storyboards per week
  • Up to 100 cells per storyboard (10 X 10)!
    • The free version only allows 3 cells.

  • Entire Art Library!
    • The free version only allows a limited art library - about 20%.

  • All Layouts with Titles and Description Options!
    • The free version only allows 1 layout and no titles or descriptions.

  • Advanced print options and download options without watermarks
    • The free version only allows limited print options and downloads will have watermarks.

  • Privacy and Security!
    • The Premium edition is FERPA, COPPA, CCPA, and GDPR Compliant! 
    • Students under 13 are not legally allowed to use the free version.


  • Audio recording
  • Image uploads
  • Auto-save
  • Storyboard save / revision history

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