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One of the great features of Storyboard That is the ability to create and use templates. Templates are a great way to give users a jumping-off point, or provide you with a standard format for different types of projects. Check out the blog post on Storyboard Templates for more details.

Create a Template

  1. Create a storyboard.

Make a storyboard that you want to use as a template and save it, or copy any of our templates into your account.


  1. Click "Convert Storyboard to Template"

On the "View Details" page, you will click "Convert to Template"

  1. Add to Folder

From the same page, you can add a template to any Folder at any time. The template will be visible to any user who has access to that Folder.

  1. Select the folder you want to add the template to and click "Update Folder" 

Using a Template

From the folder, the template will show on the side menu with a little icon:

Users can click on the template name, and then click "Use This Template"

They will be dropped into the Storyboard Creator, from which they can add anything to the storyboard and save a new file to their account.

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