My students can't save!

If your students are unable to save their work, they may be logging in under an expired subscription or an account that is free and not connected to your subscription.

My subscription or trial is expired

If your subscription or trial is expired, you can easily re-subscribe for the amount of students you need to accomodate and the billing cycle you'd like.

My subscription or trial is NOT expired

If your subscription is actively paying and students are still unable to save, please reach out to Students may be logging in to free accounts or have duplicate accounts within your subscription, and we'd like to help!

In your email, please provide us with the username(s) of the student(s) unable to save. To ensure we are locating the correct account, have students go to when they are logged in to that account, and include the information in the upper left corner in the email.

Additionally, please make sure that students are logging in using the correct method and are consistent. If you have rostered with Google Classroom, students will be clicking the Google button to sign in. If you have signed in with Clever, students should be clicking the Clever button to sign in.

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