Add Cells

It's easy to add more cells to your storyboard!

Premium accounts can create storyboards that are up to 10 columns by 10 rows! 🤯

Note: Free accounts are limited to the 3x1 cell layouts.

How to Add Cells
  1. Click Add / Delete Cells button in the Right Hand Menu.

A window will pop up with several options for layout and cells. You will see a preview of your storyboard on the right as you make changes!

  1. Use the Add/Remove Cells section on the bottom right to change how many rows and columns you want to add (example: 2x2).

  1. Check the preview on the right side to make sure your storyboard looks correct!

  1. When you're all set, click the orange "Okay!" button! Your storyboard will be updated with the additional cells.

Have a question? Contact our support team at 😊

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