Multiple Accounts

I just logged in, but I don't see my storyboards!

It is possible you made an extra account by mistake! 😲


This happens most often when using a personal email to register, and then using a Single Sign-On method (Google, Microsoft, etc.) with a different email address.

Go to to see the user name and email address on file for the account you are logged into. If either information is incorrect, you could have created two accounts!

Multiple Accounts Solution

Our Customer Care team can merge the accounts, or delete the extra account.

Contact and provide email addresses your account(s) might be under. Include information on one or more user names if possible. 


Example Email:


I think I have two accounts and I want to merge them together.

Emails could be,, or I know one user name is example123.

I want the email on my account to be


Have a specific concern? Contact our staff at 😊

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