How to Create a Storyboard

Brief tutorial available. Also check out our Getting Started Video.

Create a Storyboard

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to create a basic storyboard. You can choose your own scenes and characters or follow along with the example.


1. Open the Storyboard Creator.

You can get to the Storyboard Creator by clicking any of the "Create a Storyboard" buttons on your dashboard or around the site!

2. Choose a Scene

Click on a scene and drag it down to a cell. Select colors, if desired.

3. Click on the Characters tab at the top.

4. Choose a Character

Click on a character and drag it down to a cell. Select colors, if desired.

5. Edit Pose

With the character selected, click on the blue Edit Pose button and choose the character pose. When finished, click Update Pose.

6. Click on the Textables Tab at the top.

7. Choose a Speech Bubble

Click on a text box and drag it down to your character. Type something in the text editor.

8. Customize

Add any other customizations you want now, or later.

Auto-save is only enabled after you save for the first time.

9. Save

Click on Save at the bottom.

10. Title the Storyboard

Give your awesome storyboard a name and click Save Storyboard.

The Education Edition of Storyboard That allows for assignments.

What will you create today?

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