How Do I Record Audio?

How do you record audio?

The ability to record audio is a premium feature. We ask that you do not record any copyrighted material such as songs or audio from films.

Want to learn about how to record Audio in the Creator cell-by-cell? Watch this video!

 Below is how to add audio after you've created your storyboard:

  1. Click "View All Options" under your storyboard.
  1. Click "Record Audio". You will find this under "More Options".
  1. Click "Start Recording" when you are ready, then "Stop Recording" when you have finished:
  1. The audio will save automatically.

How long is the audio?

The audio you record for your storyboard can be up to 1 minute, or 60 seconds, long.


You can also download the audio you recorded as an .mp3 file if you would like to embed it into a presentation!


Can I play audio per slide?

Currently, the audio you record is played separately, meaning you must click "Play" before using the View Slideshow feature (it does not play automatically). The one-minute length is for the entire storyboard.

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