Share a Storyboard as a File

You can download a storyboard as a variety of file types in order to share them with anyone you'd like!

Step 1: Click Download

Click on the "Download" button underneath any saved storyboard.


Step 2: Choose File Type

Select your desired file type. The file will automatically download to your device.

Learn more about file types.

Step 3: Use File

Share or upload the file as you would any other image:

  • Send via email or text message
  • Add to a document
  • Add to a presentation
  • Add to Google Drive
  • Share via social media
  • Print

Your downloaded files may be sent to your Downloads folder, your Desktop, or to another folder that you have designated.

⚠️ If publishing full storyboards or storyboard cells, be sure "Created with Storyboard That" is included as noted in our copyright and use policy.

Watch this video on How to Share a Storyboard:
Drift Video: How to Share a Storyboard

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