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Storyboard That has an extensive database of artwork for you to use in your storyboards! We have 2 search features to make finding exactly what you're looking for easy.

  1. Search Bar

Use the search bar on the top toolbar of the Storyboard Creator to locate what you're looking for. Type in what you are searching for into the “Search” field. The search results will display below.

If you want more results, hit the “More...” link on the left.

Tip: Use more broad terms or category names like “food” or “Shakespeare” to get a variety of artwork or if you do not find the images you need at first.

Photos for Class / Photos for Work

Premium users have access to Photos For Class through the search feature as well. You can adjust what kind of images appear in your account settings.

  1. Filtered Search

Filtered Search is a new addition to the Storyboard Creator! It allows you to filter what artwork you want in the "Scenes" and "Characters" categories.

Select the "Scenes' or "Characters" category, and then click "Show Filters" on the left.

Options to filter the artwork based on different characteristics will appear below. Simply select which characteristics you're looking for to see only art that matches those criteria.

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