Make a Folding Card

Create a three-cell storyboard to turn it into folding card!

Cell 1 is the front of the card.

Cell 2 is the left inside page.

Cell 3 is the back of the card.

Storyboards of any layout can be converted into a folding card, but only the first three cells will appear. Titles and descriptions are not printed on the card, so use text boxes inside the cell if you want to include text.

  1. After you save your storyboard, click on "View All Options".
  1. Click "Make a Folding Card" and then click the holiday you wish. The right inside page is a pre-written message that you select at this step. Choose the artwork and message that works best for you!

  1. Print out the pop-up image, and fold.
    • Hold the paper so the front of the card is right-side-up in the bottom right corner.
    • Then, fold the paper in half away from you (you should see the back of the card on the left and the front of the card on the right).
    • Fold the paper again so you only see the front.
  2. Don't forget to sign your card!

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