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Do I Have to Purchase for a Year?

No, you do not have to purchase a full year in advance. We have monthly and quarterly options as well. Yes, you can cancel at any time. 

Is there a minimum duration?

Yes, the minimum duration is one monthPurchase a subscription and select the monthly payment option. Cancel any time before the month is up.

Your access to premium features will last one month from your most recent payment.

Month to Month Subscription

When purchasing from our website, select the option that says "Monthly" to pay month to month. (It's on the left!)

Note: Depending on the type of account (Education, Business, or Individual) and the number of users, the purchase page may look different.


Quarterly Subscription

When purchasing from our website, select the option that says "Quarterly" to pay quarterly or three months at a time. (This option is in the middle)

In the example above, there is $1/per month savings over the month-to-month option. $8.99 X 3 = $26.97

After you cancel, your access to premium features will last three months from your most recent payment.


Get a Quote

Most Education quotes and Business quotes automatically generated from our website are for annual accounts by default, but you can request a custom quote for a specific period of time by emailing

Ex. I would like a quote for 1 teacher and 200 students for 5 months. 

Education Accounts with Two or More Teachers

For our Multi-Teacher options, you can choose to purchase online or request a quote.

Request a Quote

Have a quote emailed to you automatically, or send in a quote request to

Purchase Online

  1. Click Manage Subscription in your account settings


  1. Input the amount of students and teachers you would like to have access.

  1. Review your options and click Buy Now

  1. Take advantage of our 3 for 2 deal, or continue with a 1 year subscription

  1. Select your payment method. Purchase immediately with a credit card, upload a PO for processing, or email an invoice for later.

  1. Create awesome storyboards!

Any other questions? Contact for anything you need!


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